Rust Cleaning: Do You Have a Problem with Rust Build-Up?

Rust can build up on many substrates including vinyl siding, concrete and paver patios, brick and block, and roof shingles among many other surfaces.  The most common situation in the residential space is rust being deposited on decks and patios from metal outdoor furniture and railings.

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Rust cleaning of a commercial awning

In the commercial arena, rust is commonly found by water outlets and railing systems on sidewalks, driveways and dumpster pads.

But underfoot surfaces are hardly the only areas susceptible to rust stains. This awning at Rosedale Federal Savings Association had rust stains resulting from years of rainwater running off a tin roof. It takes finesse to remove this type of stain from older construction without causing damage.

Just like organic growth, rust can be removed with the soft-wash process mitigating damage to any surface without excessive pressure washing. The key is in using the right chemical for the specific rust removal job. An acid is commonly used as well as other industrial grade products with buffers built in for safety.

Rust Cleaning from Brick

This residential building had rust stains on the brick and window frames. Only with the right combination of chemicals and pressure can these types of stains be removed safely.

Rust Cleaning from Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles on roofs can be one of the most difficult parts of your home to clean without damaging them. Shingles are soft and high pressure can blow the granules off them or even break or puncture the shingle causing leaky roofs and water entry into the home.

Rust Cleaning by the Right Company

A good exterior cleaning company will have these options available in their arsenal, ready for any situation. Contact us below for your rust cleaning project today!

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