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Paver Patio, Sidewalk and Driveway Cleaning and Sealing | What to Expect From a Specialist

Our beautiful sun and the elements will take their toll on your brick paver patio and driveway. The bricks will get faded and drab looking. Weeds will grow through the joints and they will also cultivate mold, mildew and algae, making them not so beautiful.

Here is what to expect from an expert when you need your pavers cleaned, joints re-sanded, and sealed to reverse the situation.

A Full Cleaning of all Organic Elements off the Substrate

They will have specialized chemicals that are safe and highly effective at the same time. The surrounding vegetation will be unharmed, but they are effective for removing what is on the patio.

Re-sanding the Paver Joints

Once the pavers have been cleaned thoroughly with commercial grade pressure washing equipment and soaps, the paver joints will have lost most of their sand, which is what you want. A re-sand of the joints is a must to retain stability once the sealer is applied. Make sure your contractor uses top quality sand such as a semi course patio sand or diamatretic Earth. NEVER should sand box sand or polymeric sand be used.

Sealing the Brick Pavers

A quality sealer is also a must. It should be your preference as to what kind of sheen you would want. There are a couple of choices in sheens. A “natural luster” sheen conditions the bricks and gives a great barrier from the elements. A “wet look” that makes the pavers darker and glossier with a striking appearance with a great blocker from the elements as well is another option.

Either option you choose should make the pavers look very appealing and keep them coated and conditioned for at least three years. The sealing process also will help keep the weeds from growing up through the brick joints.

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