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Winter Power Washing: 3 Excellent Reasons to Get your house power washed in the winter

Getting your home pressure washed or preferably, soft washed anytime of year is a great way to keep that glow going on probably your biggest investment. That crisp, clean sparkly look after a quality house wash can be maintained and accomplished to the surprise of many people, in the winter as well.

Winter power washing is really a thing and here are a few reasons why you may want to consider having your exterior property cleaned during the colder months.

1. Winter Power Washing = No Wait

Waiting for spring, you’re likely going to end up on a waiting list with a reputable company.

Spring and summer are the traditional time of year most folks think of picking up the phone to call a pressure washing professional company to schedule an estimate to have the house washed, the deck cleaned, and the fence or driveway washed.  Especially, deck and fence stain/ sealing are very popular requests in the warmer seasons.

As a surprise to many, all of these tasks can be accomplished in the winter and usually without being put on a long waiting list that’s many times the case with a reputable company in the spring and summer. Why wait? If temperatures are above 35 degrees Fahrenheit, these jobs can be done and often at a discount.

2. Safety Knows no Season

Walkable surfaces are dangerous when coated with algae and mildew after a rain no matter the season.

Flat surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways and decks become slippery and dangerous when wet if coated with algae and mildew. Proper cleaning and maintenance cleaning mitigate that slickness. Think of it this way, salt and ice melt are used on these areas when needed. Sometimes they can be just as slick if not more dangerous when untreated with a simple rain fall.

3. Curb Appeal

Selling your house, its always important to have that curb appeal.

The impression that a quality exterior cleaning can have on a potential buyer of a house is unquantifiable but noted by real-estate agents as a highly effective way to attract the buyer. People buy with their eyes and the first impression is valuable (not everything in home buying) but a great start to the sales process. Dirty cars don’t sell, neither do dirty houses.


When you do schedule your winter house wash or deck stain, make sure you are aware that the technicians will be most likely using your faucet. Faucets should be shut off in the winter months to avoid freeze breaks, So, just make sure to have it on then shut off when the cleaning is complete. Also, Always make sure the company you use is licensed and currently insured. If you have a winter power washing job use the form below to contact us today!

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