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Interior Painting Done by Professionals. What are the Benefits?

Let’s face it. Painting sucks. It’s messy, smelly, painful, and time-consuming. And if one is not pretty proficient with the skill, it can be very frustrating due to mistakes like drips and runs and even worse things, like ruined carpet, flooring and upholstery. Hiring a professional not only alleviates these headaches and costs but, gets your painting project done a lot faster. These are the usual pains and reasons to hire a professional painter but there’s more to it than just the above mentioned.

Proper Paint Job Prep

Any pro knows that a clean and well-prepared wall in the very beginning of the project is crucial to the final outcome.  There are several techniques involved here on the prep leg of the project that needs to be considered. Does the patching on the walls need spackling, drywall compound or an all-out skim coat to make it look right?  A good professional painter will usually have those answers for you and be upfront about it.  Second guessing that can be troublesome and time-consuming because, if this area of the prep job isn’t done right then it’s a do-over for sure.

Caulking is crucial. Proper caulking of the trim, windows and other seams around the rooms gives a solid and sharp look of the areas that will be painted. This should be included in any professional’s estimate.

Residential Painting Service Baltimore
Prep work is critical to the final outcome

Proper Paint Job Timing

The pro painter wants to be finished the job as timely as possible and let’s face it,  you want them out of there as quickly as possible too.  To ensure this happens, a well-communicated game plan should be expected even with unforeseen snags in the project. A clear and honest dialog is key and should be expected from start to finish from any paint contractor.

Proper Paint Job Finish

Expect the best finish. Are there nice clean and crisp cut lines? Does the light look good with the sheen on the walls, trim and doors? Are the painted surfaces smooth, clean, and pleasing?   All of the answers to these questions come down to what was involved in the process from prep to final coat AND the quality of paint that was used. Cheaper is never better. You get what you pay for. Rule of thumb is to stay away from the big box store products.  Be sure to ask the painting contractor what they will be applying to your walls and demand the best. They can usually get a discount for the higher end paint anyway because of the volume they pay for annually.  Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and McCormick Paints are highly recommended.

Today’s Paint Tech

Many quality paint suppliers offer an online color visualizer. Of course, it looks fantastic on the computer screen and probably a shy away from reality but, they definitely are a big help when trying to conceptualize your paint project with complementary colors and room shapes and designs.  They are a great way to foresee the look and feel of your future interior environment.

Why Choose Us for Your Painting Projects?

We’ve been doing surface prep and painting for many years. We have the experience and know-how to do the job right the first time. We’ve also taken the time to ensure our entire team has been trained to fully understand the nuances and skills required.

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