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5 Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers

Property managers are among the hardest-working professionals in the real estate industry. As a property manager, you are under constant pressure from three fronts. You must meet the owners’ financial projections for their properties; ensure tenants enjoy their rented homes in peace while seeing to the continued growth of your property management business.

All these require you to play different roles over a single day. To keep up with the never ending demands on your time, you must be able to categorize the various tasks involved in each role. As a property manager, you should distinguish between the tasks you can do yourself and those you should delegate to others.

Cleaning is one of property management’s most essential yet delegable aspects. How you handle cleaning a managed property influences the caliber of tenants the building attracts and how much you spend on maintenance. It’s vital to outsource the cleaning of a building and employ the most cost-effective cleaning methods.

In terms of keeping the façade of a building and its common areas clean and attractive, there is no better way than to pressure wash it. For busy property managers on the lookout for ways to cut the operational costs of their buildings, pressure washing will achieve in a few hours what no other cleaning method can achieve.

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How Pressure Washing Benefits Property Managers

Damage Prevention

The number one cause of wear and tear on the materials of a building is the accumulation of harmful materials on the surfaces. These harmful materials include various chemicals, bacteria, and fungi, which react with the building under heat and moisture. Pressure washing stops wear and tear by removing the grime that facilitates wear and microorganisms that make their home on the surfaces of the building.

Pressure washing also protects a building by exposing damage hidden underneath its surfaces. By pressure washing a structure, you uncover weak spots beneath the layers of paint. Pressure washing strips away the veneer of rust, mildew, mold, dust, and flaking paint to let you see the actual condition of the underlying surface. This makes pressure washing an essential tool for proactively maintaining the structures of a managed property.

Improves Air Quality

Dust, pollen, mites, mold spores, chemical residues, bacteria, foul odors, and many other harmful materials are removed when you pressure wash the exterior walls, walkways, driveways, and common areas of your property.

More than anything else, this singular step can serve to improve the indoor air quality of your building drastically. This impact can be seen in home residents’ reduced incidence of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions. With pressure washing, you can meet the stringent health requirements of your more-demanding renters.

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Cost Reduction

Pressure washing your managed property creates a healthy environment that encourages tenants to stay longer. The lower tenant turnover results in a huge boost to the bottom line. Pressure washing also saves on costs because it is far cheaper than repainting a building. A day of pressure washing the exterior areas and roof of your building will give results comparable to repainting the home or replacing its roof.

Since pressure washing removes the root cause of decay while exposing wear and tear in its early stage, you can achieve significant cost reductions by pressure washing the building.

Better Ambience for Improved Marketing

Driveways, parking lots, entryways, and lobbies receive heavy foot traffic that leaves them covered in thick layers of grime. Coincidentally, these areas of the building help create visitors’ first impression of the property.

Even if potential renters cannot put their finger on it, they can tell the difference between a building where the common area is layered with years of dirt versus another building where all that filth has been removed through pressure washing. The difference is often revealed in things as subtle as the light, refreshing scent of the clean building.

Home Terrace Pressure Washing - Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers

Higher Property Value

A property with greater visual appeal attracts higher-quality renters who are willing to pay more in rent. Property managers who pressure wash their buildings do more to impress new customers and satisfy their existing clients.

Renters sense this and are willing to reward that property manager by paying more to live in their building. Pressure washing your managed property will not only save you money, but it can also help you earn more money from that building.

Benefits of Pressure Washing for Property Managers: Wrap Up

Pressure washing gives you a clear edge when attracting and retaining the best tenants. But you are only guaranteed those benefits if you hire a professional pressure washing company with the expertise to enhance your property.

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