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Brick Paver Cleaning, Sand Installation, & Sealing

You Won’t Believe How New Your Brick Sidewalk and Patio Can Look!


We are the area’s top choice when it comes to fully restoring your brick patios and sidewalks..

Brick Paver Restoration That Will Leave You Breathless

Brick Paver Cleaning Experts

Even a highly durable construction material like brick needs a little help once in a while.

Let us renew the old looking sidewalk and patio brick pavers. This specialized service includes pressure washing the paver surfaces and joints in preparation for installation of new paver joint sand to be finished off with a high quality locking sealer. This process not only beautifies the bricks but helps keep weed growth to a minimum and lasts for years. This service is surprisingly affordable and the results are astounding!

We’ve been cleaning & restoring brick patios and sidewalks for over 10 years with thousands of satisfied customers.

The Process of Restoring Your Brick Pavers

Restoring your brick pavers is a 3-step process that incorporates cleaning, fixing, and protecting.

Step 1: Brick Paver Cleaning

The first thing we do in the renewal process is to thoroughly pressure wash the surface of your pavers and joints. This step removes dirt, mold, grime, and any joint material that has been damaged by weathering over time. It also gets rid of any weeds that might be creeping up between the pavers.

Step 2: Brick Paver Sand Installation

The next step is the brick paver sand installation where we’ll freshly sand the joints to keep your pavers from shifting around. We use only the highest quality sand designed specifically for this purpose.

Step 3: Brick Paver Sealing

Finally, we apply a high quality locking sealer to protect the freshly cleaned surfaces and joints. The sealer not only helps protect against water intrusion, but it also helps to minimize weeds from growing back through the joints.

We’ve been Cleaning and Restoring Brick Pavers for Over a Decade

We’ve been performing brick paver sealing and related services for over 10 years. We have the experience and know-how to do the job right the first time. We’ve also taken the time to ensure our entire team has been trained to fully understand the nuances and skills behind all 3 steps of the process.

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Commonly Needed, Rarely Done

It’s rare that we do work on a home that has a brick patio or sidewalk that has been properly maintained. While brick pavers are a highly durable material, they can’t be ignored forever or they will discolor over time.

It takes an experienced professional to recognize the age on a brick paver sidewalk. As the homeowner, the change is so gradual that you may not notice how dirty it looks. But don’t worry, because we’ll fix it!

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